An Evening with the Planets at Armagh Observatory

*** Please note this event is now sold out ***
Date: Friday 27th July 2018
Time: 8pm-Midnight
Venue: Armagh Observatory Library
Light refreshments included
See an eclipse of the Moon and the opposition of Mars together.  View the stars through the historic Grubb telescope in the Robinson Memorial Dome.  Hear talks from Armagh’s astronomers about the planets and our solar system.  Have the celestial clockwork explained and see how Armagh’s historic telescope contributed to measuring the heavens in the 18th and 19th centuries.
Come to Armagh Observatory for a unique celestial event on July 27th.  This night there is a total eclipse of the Moon, whereby the Earth’s shadow passes directly across it, blocking out the Sun.  At the same time Mars is virtually at opposition, when it is closest to the Earth and so appears at its brightest in the sky.  At opposition in 2018 Mars is 57 million kilometres away.  It wont come this close to us again until 2035!
Having an eclipse and near-opposition at the same time, in the same part of the sky, is very rare!  At the same time Venus, Jupiter and Saturn are visible and the stars of the summer triangle – Altair, Deneb and Vega – are high in the southern sky.  Furthermore, the International Space Station will cross the sky in Armagh during the evening!
These celestial events are spread over a 4 hour period on the evening of July 27th.  We must note that, while this is an extremely rare event, neither the eclipse of the Moon nor the opposition of Mars are well placed for viewing from the northerly latitude of Armagh.  The Moon actually rises while in eclipse at 21:28, with the Sun setting in the western sky.  The eclipse ends at 22:13 while it will still be daylight – so seeing the eclipsed Moon will be hard!  Mars is only 7° above the horizon at midnight.  However other planets and stars are well placed for viewing that night.
Please note:
* Observations are weather dependent, however the tours, talks and web livestreams will go ahead despite the weather.
* While we make every effort to accommodate wheelchair users and others with mobility issues, by virtue of the nature of the building, the telescopes are accessed by steep narrow stairs.
* This event takes place at the Armagh Observatory Library (Directions will be emailed).


£20 (adult) £15 (concession)
*Includes Light Refreshments.

Spaces are limited for this event.

To book tickets online click here or contact 028 37 523689.

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