Astronotes 2008 Backi Issues
Astronotes 2008 Back Issues
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Armagh Planetarium's monthly newsletter 'Astronotes' is now available to download. This exciting publication is packed with space and astronomy stories and will tell you what is happening at Armagh Planetarium.
Astronotes Back Issues 2008
December 2008
Star of Bethlehem, Guide to the Galaxies and Apollo 8 Lunar Odyssey
November 2008
Astronaut's Odyssey, Scent of Space and The Ultimate Project.
October 2008
400 Years of the Telescope, and Who Named the Constellations?
September 2008
IPS Meeting 2008, Inconstant Star, Two Faced Mars and The X-Files and Me.
August 2008
Michael Foale's Visit, Pluto and Plutoids, and The End is Nigh
July 2008
Phoenix Has Landed, Star Names, Toilet Troubles on ISS.
June 2008
50 Years of NASA, 100 Years Since Tunguska and New Summer Shows
May 2008
Dreadnoughts in Space and Armagh's 40th Anniversary Bash part II
April 2008
Armagh's 40th anniversary, Astrofest and Victorian Crime & Astronomy!
March 2008
Space Tourism, March Skies, Life On Mars, The Light Fantastic
February 2008
UK Cash Crisis, Hot Spots of Saturn, China and the Moon.
January 2008
Planetarium - Visitor Attraction of the Year, 2008 Space Odysseys, Cosmic Bully.
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