Astronotes 2009 Back Issues
Astronotes 2009 Back Issues
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Armagh Planetarium's monthly newsletter 'Astronotes' is now available to download. This exciting publication is packed with space and astronomy stories and will tell you what is happening at Armagh Planetarium.

Astronotes Back Issues 2009

December 2009

Sprucefield Meteorite Rediscovered, Centaurian Planets, Apollo On Screen and Ares: The Future of Space Exploration

November 2009

Apollo 12: A Forgotten Success?, The Women Space Forgot and Is There Water On the Moon?

October 2009

Moon Madness, Black Holes For Beginners, Haunter of the Dark and How to Explore the Universe.

September 2009

Saturn's Moons, Messier Objects, Lost Moons: Apollo 18,19 and 20, Hypersonic Airships into Orbit?

August 2009
The Men Who Went to the Moon, Could a Star Wars planet really Exist?, new meteorites and new website.

July 2009
Apollo and Me and Neil and Buzz's Excellent Adventure!

June 2009
Lunar Module explained, Flowers on Europa, Einstein's Universe, Year of the Quiet Sun

May 2009
Bovedy meteorite 40 years on & Victoria College Rockets

April 2009
Apollo Hoax, Dark Matter & Rogue Satellites

March 2009
Panspermia, Apollo's Soviet Rival, Chinese New Year

February 2009
Who Mourns for Apollo?, Martian Methane Mystery, and The Reign of Saturn.

January 2009
Sugar in Space, Exoplanets, Canadian Meteorite.

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