Northern Ireland Space Office
Northern Ireland Space Office
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In  2006 Armagh Planetarium launched the Northern Ireland Space Office (NISO)

NISO aims to build on the interest and enthusiasm of teachers already involved in space science projects by developing resources to support all teachers in aligning the potential offered by developing technologies to the requirements of the revised Northern Ireland Curriculum. The resulting resources and support materials will use the context of space to relate science, technology and mathematics to real life.

The Space Office mission is to create a learning environment that encourages school children to recognise the importance of science, engineering and technology in modern industry and society. There are already many astronomy and space-related resources available to teachers and pupils throughout Europe and the Space Office will align these resources and learning journeys to the new Northern Ireland curriculum.

There is a real problem facing Europe with not enough students tackling the disciplines in school that they perceive as difficult and NISO is inspiring a new generation of scientists and engineers. Northern Ireland has a fabulous educational reputation and it is important that our next generation gain the necessary knowledge to compete in a European knowledge-based society and economy.



image or Robert Hill
Name: Robert Hill
Role: NI Space Office Director


Objectives of NISO

• Engage with local industry and curriculum development partners to create a curriculum addressing the needs of modern industry and society.

• Encourage regional industry and government to recognise the benefits to local industry and the economy of engaging in space related endeavour.

• Show best practice using exciting ICT projects related to astronomy, space and science in the classroom.

• Create innovative curricular related material developing key skills in numeracy and literacy.

• Demonstrate the use of space-related activities and themes in the classroom to develop pupil-teacher confidence in using new resources available to schools to develop key and core skills.

• Generate teacher enthusiasm in using astronomy and space-related resources through teacher training.