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The Post Primary School educational programme is designed to be both fun and rewarding for students.

The Key Stage 3 curriculum is especially rich in links to astronomy and space.  There are dozens of opportunities to link the Planetarium’s work to the curriculum.  We have designed some thought-provoking workshops which will retain their power long after the Planetarium visit is over. 

Key Stage 3: Underneath the Stars

The central Key Stage 3 element is “Underneath the Stars”, and it is divided into subsets of Science, Maths, English and RE.  At KS3 pupils are encouraged to use their communication, mathematicaI and ICT skills across all areas of the curriculum.  In addition they are being taught how to manage information and to use their creativity to solve problems working with their peers.  In these categories pupils are encouraged to ask questions about their place in the cosmos, and to understand the workings of the Solar System and the structure of the Universe.  The Planetarium runs a number of activities and workshops designed to support the curriculum, and help answer some of the questions.

Workshops available include activities which allow further explore the vastness of the Universe, human exploration of the Solar System, robotic exploration, and use of Earth and space based telescopes to see out to the edge of the known Universe and technical problems of space flight. 


image showing children and the rockets they have made
Post Primary rocket building and launching

image of children looking through a telescope
The Planetarium's 16" reflecting telescope


Also available at the Planetarium is an inspirational show about the Christmas Star which is designed to complement the Religious Education unit of the new NI Curriculum.

The Planetarium supports elements of the Spiritual Awareness thematic units:

Northern Ireland Curriculum - Science
Northern Ireland Curriculum - Mathematics
Northern Ireland Curriculum - Religious Education
Northern Ireland Curriculum - English

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