Special Needs Children - School Trips to Armagh Planetarium
Special Needs
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Educational visits can be tailored to suit the individual needs of your group. Talk to a member of our education team when booking to find out how you can make the most of your visit to Armagh Planetarium.

Children attending Special Needs schools have a wide range of abilities.  The Planetarium offers Special Needs visitors the opportunity to explore astronomy and space science and to see the spectacular objects that can be seen in the Solar System and beyond, at a level appropriate to the pupil’s abilities. 

Special Needs teachers are encouraged to come along and see what we can do. Follow up visits to the school can be arranged to explore other aspects of science and help the children to enjoy discovering simple scienctific principles for themselves.  The small class sizes in Special Needs Schools makes it easier for Planetarium staff to work with the children and young adults: we can modify our visit to suit you.

We would recommend a show and then a workshop which can involve all of the children in a hands-on activity.  Rocket workshops are especially suitable, although they are weather dependent.


Special Needs Facilities

At Armagh Planetarium, our building is user friendly for those with mobility or other difficulties, and we have a number of other arrangments and facilities in place to welcome anyone with special needs to the Planetarium.

• Disabled parking available in close proximity to thebuilding
• The Main Reception has a wheelchair accessible counter
• Ramp access to all parts of the ground floor of the main    building
• A lift at the front of the building allows access to the first floor   and the Digital Theatre
• Dedicated viewing areas are available for wheelchair users   within the Theatre
• Two unisex, wheelchair accessible toilets in the building,   one on the ground floor and one on the first floor
• An Induction Loop for those who require Assisted Hearing   facilities available in both the Digital Theatre and the
  reception area
• All main signs in the building have information duplicated in    braille, as do the lift controls
• Guide dogs and Assistance dogs are welcome, but please   remember that the noise and light levels in the Exhibition   Area  and Theatre vary greatly and this may be unsettling.

One of our special visitors Ryan Bogues made this PowerPoint presentation for us and we are delighted to show you how he enjoyed his visit, and how it unlocked his creative instincts.


If you have any special needs that do not appear to be covered by this list, please feel free to contact us to see if we can assist you in any further way.



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