Sir Patrick Moore and the First Man on the Moon – 49 years on

July 20 1969 saw, arguably, the most famous event in all of human history when Neil Armstrong stepped onto the surface of the Moon and left his footprints there – a mark still indelibly framed in the lunar dust today, some 49 years later.  It may seem almost as incredible that it is indeed nearly half a century ago that this epochal event occurred, one that united all of humanity for a short while, as we stared at that yellow orb in our night skies to know that one of our species was walking on it surface.

Uniting for Space

As it is Good Relations Week here in Northern Ireland, we are covering the history of international relations within the context of space. More specifically; how the backdrop of global relations and newly formed Russia worked together with their former rival The United States of America to build the first […]

Moon Landing celebrations on the Mall

Armagh to host Moon-landing weekend spectacular on July 20-21 Cathedral City to showcase Luke Jerram’s giant-sized lunar sculpture at special two-day ‘Museum of the Moon’ festival event on the Mall next month Armagh has joined an elite group of cities across the world to host artist Luke Jerram’s giant-sized spherical, […]

E.T. Friend or Foe?

A team of scientists in Australia are scanning the Universe for signals from extraterrestrial life. Professor Matthew Bailes, based at Swinburne University in Melbourne, is the lead scientist in this project funded by Russian billionaire Yuri Milner. Milner has donated $100 million and has the support of Professor Stephen Hawking. […]