IAU puts the Hubble-Lemaître Law to the Vote – an update!

As an earlier Astronotes article reported on, during its XXX General Assembly in Vienna, held in August 2018, the International Astronomical Union (IAU) put forward a draft resolution to rename the Hubble law as the “Hubble–Lemaître law”. The resolution was proposed to recognise Lemaître’s research on the expansion of the Universe, and to pay tribute to both Lemaître and Hubble for their fundamental contributions to the development of modern cosmology.

Portrait of George Lemaitre. Credit: Wikipedia

Edwin Huddle looking through a telescope. Credit: NASA

This resolution has now been put to all IAU Junior and Individual Members via an electronic vote. IAU members have until October 26 to register their vote.  After then the IAU will announce the decision.  See this link for further details on the vote.

Michael Burton